As far back as the Doomsday Book there was an area of Nuneaton known as Greenmoor.

As far as can be seen this land was as the name suggests “Moor land”. Until the 18th century that is how it stood, then in the 1760’s the canal was cut through it.

Following this, Nuneaton began to grow. In particular during the late 19th century with the arrival of the railways coupled with brick making, coal and quarry mining, the area between Abbey Street and the Canal was slowly filled with houses.

Until in 1910 (Map 2) when if you stood at the junction of Bracebridge Street and Princes Street you would still see Greenmoor as it always had been.

At this time the land where Courtaulds was, the recreation ground at the end of Marlborough Road, and Villiers Street were all allotments (Map 3).


By the end of the First World War the allotments had moved across the canal into the Greenmoor. This land was owned by the Fitzroy-Newdigates.